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FILMLOOK Inc. is constantly seeking new ways to enhance our reputation as the originators of the finest real-time film simulation process available for broadcast and video production. For over 12 years the name FILMLOOK® has been synonymous with the highest standards, unparalleled customer service and uncommon attention to details. With these attributes in mind, FILMLOOK Inc. is now pleased to offer the DaVinci 2K color enhancement system from DaVinci Systems inc. to our current list of services.

The DaVinci 2K is capable of very high end color enhancement and correction on video originated projects. FILMLOOK Inc.'s DaVinci 2K is optimized with the tools and enhancement capabilities most sought after by producers of movies for television, series, documentaries -- as well as music videos and commercials. These tools include primary and secondary color correction; Super Kilovectors and Power Windows to give our colorists absolute precision over different color and luminance parameters within a scene; Custom Curves for specialized gamma adjustment; and (saving the best for last) Defocus. The Defocus feature can simulate varying depth of field and applies popular soft light and glow effects. With this combination of controls, you can simulate the look of different types of diffusion and filtration. These powerful tools will certainly open the door to a new world of image adjustment and enhancement for your video project.

Although it is being offered as a separate service from our legendary FILMLOOK® processing, DaVinci 2K will undoubtedly be an attractive option for certain FILMLOOKed projects that require additional image enhancement and adjustment. DaVinci 2K is also capable of enhancing video-only projects, as well as shows and film elements that have been telecined already to video and require additional color enhancement. FILMLOOK Inc.'s DaVinci 2K is presently configured for standard definition; however, it will be upgraded to HD capability in the very near future.

Our colorists currently have over 15 years of combined FILMLOOK® processing experience in giving video productions the rich look, color and texture of film originated projects.

With this in mind, imagine the intriguing possibilities when DaVinci 2K color enhancement is added to FILMLOOK® processing.



ORLANDO FL-The popular ABC series "Making the Band" is calling on FILMLOOK to give the second season of this reality series the look of a documentary while also assigning unique color values to individual scenes and interview segments throughout each episode.

Produced by Bunim/Murray and MTV Productions, the docu-series follows the pop group O-Town into the turbulent world of the music industry. "A breakthrough concept in music and television -- the show allowed the public to witness the careers of five musicians coming to life," according to the show's producers. The second season chronicles the band's climb toward fame, as well as the stresses each member faces daily. The series is FILMLOOKed and color corrected to achieve a unique look for each scene and interview. "Making the Band" airs weekly this summer on ABC (check local listings).


HOLLYWOOD-Producers of the hit FILMLOOKed MTV series "Undressed" are launching the next season with "Undressed: The Casting Couch," a special preceding the launch of a new season of "Undressed."

The special is an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the process of auditioning and casting the new season of the provocative series. Past series highlights and former cast members are profiled, and sneak peaks at the upcoming season are also featured. Season five of "Undressed" will start airing in FILMLOOK starting July 9, 2001 on MTV (check local listings).


BURBANK-It's no mysteryCosgrove Muerer Productions is using FILMLOOK once again for a new season of the Lifetime Network series "Unsolved Mysteries."

"New Unsolved Mysteries" will feature past stories, as well as brand new segments shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK. Cosgrove Muerer had previously used FILMLOOK on "Unsolved" when the series switched from using 16mm film to video. "New Unsolved Mysteries" hosted by Robert Stack airs Monday thru Friday at
8 p.m. on Lifetime.


LOS ANGELES-Post production has been completed on "The Taste of Victory," a DV originated short film directed by independent film maker Paul Miller.

"The Taste of Victory" is the story of a legendary desert racer and her challenger, an enigmatic drifter in a supercharged '68 Hemi Roadrunner. Shot in a few days on a shoestring budget but featuring big budget auto stunts and a twisting story line, the DV footage was edited on Final Cut Pro then transferred to Digital Betacam for final color correction and FILMLOOK processing.


WASHINGTON D.C.- New Voyage and National Productions has completed "Korean War Stories," a PBS documentary on The Forgotten War that blends film archive footage with veterans' interviews shot in video then processed in FILMLOOK.

"Korean War Stories" features personal stories of heroism and tragedy as told by the veterans who experienced the conflict 50 years ago. The documentary also features rare video footage of the current conditions at the 38th parallel. "Korean War Stories" airs Memorial Day weekend on PBS stations nationwide (check local listings).


LITTLETON, CO-Rocket Pictures and Discovery Animal Planet is producing "Vet School Confidential," a docu-series following students studying veterinary medicine that is shot on video and processed in FILMLOOK.

The series, shot on Betacam SP and mini DV, is a candid look at the personal and professional challenges students face in learning how to treat animals in need. Roundtable discussions lit with warm lighting and filtration feature the students expressing their fears, concerns and humor in treating animals. The FILMLOOK process gives the series an integrated and consistent look for both its handheld Betacam and mini DV footage. "Vet School Confidential" is airing on Discovery Animal Planet (check local listings).


FILMLOOK congratulates the production team behind ESPN's "SportsCentury" program for winning yet another Emmy! ESPN won the Emmy award this year for edited series for its SportsCentury Top 50 and Beyond, which was the first Emmy won by ESPN Classic. ESPN Classic's SportsCentury: The Top 50 won last year by the show from which it was derived: ESPN's SportsCentury: 50 Greatest Athletes.


Some projects and producers that have recently used FILMLOOK "X-Files," car crashes and stock shots for 'Existence' episode," Fox television "Vinopolis" presentation video, SplendidLight Media "Longs Drugstores" commercial, AT&T Media Services "Qualcom-Brew" developer's meeting, Premiere Productions "Hurricane Preparation" :30 PSAs, Florida Department of Insurance.



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