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FILMLOOK, Incorporated will be widely accepted as an innovative provider of a fast way to achieve a film appearance on video-shot productions without film and its high cost.

The FILMLOOK process came onto the scene in 1989 and received its patent in 1990. In 1992 FILMLOOK received an engineering achievement award from the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences.

FILMLOOK will continue to maintain a leading edge on video image technology. Achieving our vision requires an exceptional growth that will be carefully planned to secure FILMLOOK's high quality of service and look.

  • The FILMLOOK process will compliment high definition technology.
  • Research and development is an integral part that will continue to keep us several steps ahead of the industry's technology.
  • Market leadership will be enhanced by working diligently with customers and bench-marking our performance to constantly challenge us to higher levels of excellence.

The Company's philosophy is the respect we bestow on our clients' needs to cut their production budgets without cutting the quality of their work. We value our employees and all those who support our endeavors to be the best.

We strive to have an exhilarating team environment in which each can derive great satisfaction. We also take pleasure in fulfilling our obligations to owners, investors, suppliers, and the communities in which we live.

Our goal is to continue to make FILMLOOK a revolutionary technology that will lead to more cost-effective productions that will generate more business for those in the television industry.


"The John Larroquette Show"
has committed to utilizing FILMLOOK's unique services. "Larroquette" airs on Tuesday evenings on NBC. The show is the story of a recovering alcoholic who takes a night shift job at a St. Louis bus terminal. Witt-Thomas Productions is using the award winning FILMLOOK process on "Larroquette" and has also used it for the season premiere of the hit series "Blossom" that aired on NBC as a special movie of the week.

"Beakman's World"
gives FILMLOOK a second turn. The hit children's education and entertainment program has moved into the CBS Saturday morning lineup.

"Beakman" is using FILMLOOK's patented system for a second year of informative, humorous, and often off-the-wall explanations on how the world works. With equal parts of Mr. Wizard, MTV, and Wayne's World, "Beakman" manages to combine entertainment and information in a way that educational and parental groups for quality television praise and cite as a model for ideal children's programming.

CBS has picked up the once syndicated program that is also shown on the Learning Channel.

Beethoven wins an Emmy Nod.
The critically acclaimed and Filmlooked HBO movie "Beethoven Lives Upstairs" has won an Emmy for Best Children's program by the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences at this year's Emmy Awards.

"Beethoven Lives Upstairs" is available at Blockbuster Videos.

Saturday Morning Update...
It was announced by Robert Faber, president and inventor of the award-winning FILMLOOK process that NBC is using FILMLOOK for the new Saturday morning series "Running the Halls." This popular sitcom details the adventures of a group of freshmen at a California boarding school as they pursue the everyday challenges of dorm life.

FILMLOOK Just Right for Bud Light.
Anheuser-Busch, Inc. is using the process for a series of regionally produced Bud Light commercials featuring ordinary patrons at local bars across the country.

Bud Sports project coordinator and producer Jim Duff chose recording in video and processing in FILMLOOK over 16/35 mm film.


Camera filters are one of the most cost-effective and creative tools available to the image making industry. They add impact to a scene and flatter actors. Most filters will work for video with FILMLOOK as they do for film. Since many dramatic productions require diffusion, cameramen want to achieve a look that softens a subject without significantly affecting image sharpness. Depending on subjective requirements of a program, care should be taken with lighting and exposure as the video gray scale is altered to simulate the density curve of film. Low contrast filters should be considered such as the double fog or white Pro-Mist to lighten shadows inconjunction with appropriate lighting.

The double fog filter is a combination of light fog and a low contrast filter. It creates a soft glow from highlights such as lamps or window lit interiors. Many FILMLOOK projects have been successfully shot with a Pro-Mist filter. The Tiffen 1/2 Pro-Mist filter will provide a slight diffusion and smoothing effect without the appearance of a filter. This takes the brittle, hard-edged look off video and provides a mild reduction in contrast and compliments the FILMLOOK process. A polarizer filter will improve overall color saturation (especially a blue sky) and haze penetration in bright outdoor situations.

Tiffen Corporation is considered the most common provider of professional filters after being in business 55 years. For free information call their toll free number 800-645-2522. For other information on filters and video image quality refer to the American Cinematographer Video Manual.



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