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Please remember that there are a few things to consider before FILMLOOK - in fact even before you start shooting.

First, always use the best broadcast quality equipment available (three chip cameras, broadcast format such as 1", Beta, or digital). PLEASE never use VHS, SVHS, 8mm or Hi-8mm. These smaller formats often entail more noise, more generation loss, more drop-outs. The cameras that usually accompany these formats have inferior dynamic range, minimal color reproduction (due to single chip design), and lack many of the professional camera adjustments such as detail, gamma, gain, and other set-ups. Before you start shooting, the camera should be configured in a fairly conventional manner. Enhancement detail should not be noticeably high. We're not saying that detail should be turned down because of FILMLOOK, frequently some cameras are left with an over adjusted detail. Detail should not be noticeable and should not create exaggerated "cut-outs" or lines that look as they were drawn with crayons. The high speed shutter must NEVER be used - only use the standard shutter configuration. The process is specifically designed for the dynamic characteristics of images from a normally shuttered camera. In the normal camera, moving images will have some blur as they move for each video field. With the fast shutter, there is little or no blur for moving images and the system cannot satisfactorily merge these images into new imaginary film-to-tape images. Objectionable image artifacts such as double images will often result. When shooting, all the best lighting and exposure practices should be employed. Basically, everything would be very much the same as in a film shoot. The same lighting ratios (the new CCD cameras have tremendous latitude), the same filters (fog mist, diffusion if they were appropriate for a film shoot),the same careful exposure control except using a wave form monitor instead of a light meter.

In post, please avoid DVE moves, flips, spins, C.G. rolls, animation, film elements, speed variations and stepping for the same reason given earlier for the shutter - the system expects to see normal camera derived dynamics only. If you still want any of the above effects have selected scenes processed first then do these dazzling effects in post production.

Speaking of selects, please let us know how many you are sending, make the list in ascending order of time code for one reel at a time and PLEASE limit the selects to about no more than 50 or assemble them onto one reel. Cueing a few hundred betacam selects can be as time consuming as your entire edit job.

Should you have questions, please call us.



NEW YORK - The Rolling Stones latest music video "You Keep Me Rockin'" was recently processed in FILMLOOK to achieve a "clean 35mm look." The video was shot by Graying & Balding Inc. at Giants Stadium during the Stone's Voodoo Lounge tour using 17 video cameras. According to director Jim Gable - "We wanted a very expensive 35mm look with nice crunchy blacks, good gray scale and color."


NEW YORK - In profiling the 40 most influential sports figures in Sports Illustrated's celebrated 40 years of publishing, the FILMLOOK process was used exclusively on the NBC television program Sports Illustrated's 40th Anniversary Special. The special, hosted by Bob Costas, features interviews and profiles of such sports legends as Hank Aaron, Jim Brown, Arnold Palmer and Martina Navratilova, all of who were processed in FILMLOOK.


LOS ANGELES - "Abbott and Costello meet Jerry Seinfeld" is an NBC special that celebrates the legendary team through film clips and interviews of relatives and friends and hosted by comedian Jerry Seinfeld. The special utilized FILMLOOK for the interview profiles and wraparound segments featuring Seinfeld. The special will be televised during Thanksgiving week on NBC.


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SAN FRANCISCO - Phoenix Editorial has used FILMLOOK to process a series of offbeat commercials for "Pete's Wicked Ale". The spots were recorded on the streets of San Francisco, processed in FILMLOOK, and feature the "original Pete" promoting his self-proclaimed brew.


FILMLOOK congratulates Tavares Teleproductions for winning the prestigious Gold Slate award at this year's ITVA ceremonies. The award was given for the music video "Top Authority '93" which was originally shot on video and processed in FILMLOOK.


FILMLOOK congratulates the producers of the miniseries "World War II: When Lions Roared" for receiving the EMMY® Award for outstanding achievement in Lighting Direction for a miniseries. We wish them success on future projects and salute their technical accomplishments.


FILMLOOK welcomes back returning series "The John Larroquette Show", "Beakman's World", and "The Red Green Show". We also wish to welcome aboard "The Martin Short Show", "Daddy's Girls", "The Five Mrs. Buchanans", "Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad" and "A. J.'s Time Travelers." We wish all continued success in the new season and a big "THANK YOU" for choosing FILMLOOK processing. We are proud to be a part of your production.