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If your goal is to achieve a high quality film appearance on video shot productions, the FILMLOOK process works its best magic by utilizing broadcast quality three-chip cameras, such as Sony BVP 70IS, BVP90, BVW400, Ikegami HL55 Series. Employing the FIT proprietary HyperHad CCD chip, the Sony cameras have an image sensor that features an array of microscopic, light magnifying on-chip lenses that allows the camera to take advantage of virtually all available light with no vertical smear and displays an extremely clean image in low light situations. The sensitivity (or ASA rating) of these cameras is extremely close to today's high speed motion picture film.

Less expensive industrial grade video cameras can be used with very good results with FILMLOOK, providing good production values are maintained such as high quality lighting, avoiding over exposure and making sure the camera is closely configured to factory specifications. No specific adjustment in gamma or chroma is needed for the Filmlook process.

The Clear Scan(TM) feature on the Sony cameras appears to be compatible with FILMLOOK, based on experience we've had with recent projects. Care should be taken because unlike film cameras, image quality varies widely because there are a vast variety of video cameras available with different image characteristics. The rule of thumb, as with film, is shoot a test. For example, if the lower quality camera "smears" highlights avoid shooting highlights (if you can't avoid shooting with the lower quality camera) as this is an undesirable video artifact that will detract from the Filmlook process. Another undesirable video artifact is created when the detail adjustment or edge enhancement is set too high. Stay away from these undesirable artifacts and you will get the most out of FILMLOOK. By the way, we cannot recommend using formats such as Hi8 or S-VHS when shooting for Filmlook. These are consumer grade formats which cannot achieve the same results as Betacam or 1", simply because these formats are limited in their dynamic range, signal to noise ratio, resolution, and ability to conceal drop-outs and creases. In addition, Hi8 and SVHS camcorders typically have a single CCD chip that is small and not capable of achieving broadcast quality images. Even a 3-chip Hi8 camera is not equivalent in performance to a broadcast CCD camera, and even if it someday was comparable, the costs involved in purchasing one would only prove how economical leasing a professional broadcast format would be.

Good video images are essential for realizing the true potential of FILMLOOK. We are happy to offer advice on recording those images properly, and we will continue to inform our clients on the latest methods and techniques for producing video for the FILMLOOK process.



Calliope Films has used the FILMLOOK process in creating the opening montage to the 66th Academy Awards televised March 21st on ABC. Portions of the opening montage were originally on video while others were already in film. The video portions were seamlessly integrated using FILMLOOK.


The artist formerly known as Prince has a new album entitled "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World." It is being promoted with a concert-length video entitled "The Beautiful Experience", most of which was video processed in FILMLOOK. Also, the short feature "The Undertaker" and several television commercials for Paisley have been processed entirely with FILMLOOK.


Venice Beach Editorial used the FILMLOOK process for an ad campaign for Nissan's 300ZX. Competition race footage of the popular sports car was originally shot on video then processed with varying degrees of grain and contrast.


Congratulations to Lingner Group Productions on being nominated for a Cable Ace Award for "The Greatest Ever - Duke vs. Kentucky 1992." Keep the pace going.

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NBC's "Late Night with Conan O'Brien" has used the process for several comedy segments featuring Conan and the late night players. The segments, which parody the recap portions of night time soap and crime dramas, were originally recorded on video then given the FILMLOOK treatment.


Congratulations to the "Red Green Show" which is nominated for a Gemini Award. The "Red Green Show" has processed its current season through FILMLOOK, as well as all of its previous video episodes for syndication in the U.S. through Hearst Entertainment.


Another comedy using FILMLOOK is the popular Broadway video program, "Kids in the Hall", which has used the process for several comedy vignettes, commercial parodies and wrap-around segments.

Bryan Adams' television special based on the "Waking Up the Nation" concert tour also used the process to combine video segments with 16mm footage.

The group "Prarie Oyster's" latest televised special features backstage profiles and interview segments recorded in black and white video which were then processed in FILMOOK.