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When a show is processed through FILMLOOK, one of the questions that arises is "how will it play in Europe?" At this time, FILMLOOK can only process NTSC video. However, most programs that originate in the United States must still be converted to PAL in order to be broadcast in Europe. As a result, it is essential to find a post facility that has a state of the art converter in order to end up with the finest PAL conversion possible. This was done for several FILMLOOK video projects in the past, including "The Mother", a Great Performances PBS-BBC joint production that aired this past October in the United States and in Great Britain.

As with most things in video production, the better the technology, the better the final image. When going from NTSC to PAL, a converter is not only interpolating the difference between 60 field/525 lines and 50 field/625 lines, it is also generating motion artifacts and image anomalies that may be more or less objectionable depending on how advanced the conversion processor may be. The best converters on the post scene are digital 8-field, motion-adaptive devices such as the Vistek Motion Compensated converter. These converters do not suffer as many of the motion artifacts and interpolation errors that plagued 2 and 4 field converters of the past, and they often create images that look as close as possible to a video production (or film transfer) that originated in PAL. Jim Hardy of International Video Conversions (IVC) in Burbank, CA has such a converter, and he can be reached at (818) 569-3784.

Should you have any questions, please contact us at (818) 955-7082.


It has been a superb year and all of us can expect only the best in 1995. We will continue to strive for excellence in providing you with the best in quality and customer service. That is why the customer report cards are important - so we know where to improve. Keep up the good work.



ORLANDO - Touchstone Television and Sandollar Productions are utilizing FILMLOOK for processing "Heavens to Betsy", a new television comedy starring motion picture and singing star Dolly Parton.

In the series, Parton portrays a former Las Vegas performer who, after a near-death experience, returns to her roots--and a bittersweet past--in a rural southern town. "Heavens to Betsy" is taping at the Disney Studios in Florida.


DELAWARE - "Crossing the Line" is the winner of the EMMY award for Outstanding Public Affairs Programming Documentary. The program was shot originally in video then processed entirely in FILMLOOK.

The half hour program, produced by Teleduction Associates with cooperation from the Delaware Department of Justice, is a gripping examination of alcohol related accidents through interviews with teenagers and adults affected by such incidents.


HOLLYWOOD - The popular FOX series "Beverly Hills: 90210" has used FILMLOOK for concert footage and video shots of the cast members enjoying the recent Rolling Stones Voodoo Lounge concert at the Rose Bowl.

The episode, entitled "Rock of Ages", aired November 23 and was directed by David Semel, who earlier was impressed by the FILMLOOK processed Stones video "You Got Me Rockin'" produced by Graying & Balding. The processed portions of the episode featuring the cast members on location and the Stones in concert were later intercut with the 35mm footage from the program.


HOLLYWOOD - Al Bundy, Bubba Smith and Hacksaw Reynolds were recently featured in a football segment on the FOX series "Married With Children" that was originally shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

The ten minute segment was shot in one day at a local high school and then processed in FILMLOOK the Friday before the episode's airing on Sunday. Producer John Anderson was taken back with the speed and quality of the film simulation process.

Also, the hit CBS series "The Nanny" has been using the FILMLOOK process to occasionally give the look of film to selected segments of the program.




BURBANK - ZM Productions has completed a special entitled "The Wonderful World of Disney: 40 Years of Television Magic" hosted by Kirstie Alley and processed in FILMLOOK.

The program, set to air December 10, features interviews with Roy Disney and such celebrities as Tom Hanks, Michael Richards (Seinfeld), and Margaret Cho (All American Girl). The interviews and wraparound segments featuring the former "Cheers" barmaid were shot in video and then processed in FILMLOOK.


LAS VEGAS - ABC TV recently aired the special "Siegfried & Roy--The Magic, the Mystery" that features the magic duo performing illusions recorded on stage in video then processed in FILMLOOK.

The special, that aired in November, won the evening's ratings share and featured footage of the "Siegfried & Roy" home in Las Vegas as well as their rare collection of white tigers.

Charles Bangert of New Screen Concepts directed the special and was satisfied with FILMLOOK'S ability to match the video portions to the existing 35mm footage shot for the program.


HOLLYWOOD - To announce the arrival of new products and hardware for their video game systems, Sega turned to Impulse Productions to create a unique infomercial that will air just in time for holiday shopping.

The infomercial is entitled "Absolutely Rose Street" and was supervised by Impulse Production's Antony Payne and Brian Sieria, who wanted an "unusual look that sets it apart from any other infomercial out there."


HOLLYWOOD - "Kids Killing Kids" is the winner of the EMMY® Award for Outstanding Children's Programming.

The special was simulcast on CBS and FOX last April and was produced by Arnold Shapiro Productions. The executive producer was Arnold Shapiro, writer/director - David Eagle, co-producers - Michael Killen and Norman Marcus; again congratulations. FILMLOOK processed the opening and closing segments.









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