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Integrating FILMLOOK with your video production is by far the best and most cost effective way to achieve the texture and color of film without the time or expense involved in actually using film. Although it is easy to use FILMLOOK, there are certain requirements to remember when posting with the intention of using the process.

FILMLOOK can work from a printed C-mode list of selected raw video footage and a box of videotapes (with a reasonable number of selects--please limit the selects to under 50), but we can also work from a selects reel or even better, from an edited master--most FILMLOOK projects arrive fully posted and sweetened. However, we prefer not to process telecined film elements, since the film obviously cannot benefit from additional film simulation processing.
IMPORTANT: If the film elements dissolve to and from the video elements intended to be processed by FILMLOOK, we cannot separate the film from the video and process the video only elements. We can avoid processing the film elements if there are cuts to and from video, but not if there are dissolves. If there are many cuts between film and video elements involved (over 50), please send us a video B-roll for processing. The FILMLOOK process should be used before the use of "wiz bang" effects or video transitions such as DVE moves (flips, peels, slide transitions), computer graphics, animation, rolling or moving CG or titles. If such is the case, it is best to send us the selects on a separate reel to FILMLOOK before applying these effects to the processed elements. There are many posted effects that work well in FILMLOOK - dissolves, organic type transitions such as oil and smoke dissolves, pixilated effects, composited blue screen and keyed images, etc. please call before you post.

We are more than happy to answer your questions before you shoot or edit your production. Should you have any questions, please contact us at (818) 955-7082.




HOLLYWOOD - The critically acclaimed documentary "Hoop Dreams" was recently transferred for home video release by FILMLOOK Inc. for New Line Home Video. Although originally shot on video and transferred to 35mm film for Academy Award consideration, New Line Pictures selected FILMLOOK for the home video release.

After a video transfer from the 35mm film proved unsatisfactory, New Line Pictures called FILMLOOK to process the entire 2 1/2 hour documentary for home video release. A FILMLOOK transfer was made from the original D2 video masters that were used for the 35mm theatrical release. During the film simulation process, color and contrast levels of the motion picture were supervised by Beryl Kinney of New Line Pictures. Adjustments were made on a scene by scene basis and the feature was recorded on a separate D2.

The documentary centers on two Chicago teenagers and their four year struggle to enter college and reach their ultimate goal of playing basketball for the NBA. "Hoop Dreams" will be available on New Line Home Video in April 1995.


HOLLYWOOD - To promote Janet Jackson's latest concert tour "janet.", Graying and Balding called FILMLOOK to process the music video "What'll I Do" and a series of promotional television commercials featuring the popular singer. The video and commercials are currently being shown worldwide.


ANAHEIM - To promote the newest Disneyland attraction "The Indiana Jones Adventure", Disneyland Advertising turned to FILMLOOK to help create dozens of customized promos to be shown in selected television markets nationwide. The customized spots feature regional news anchors and radio personalities from across the country enjoying the new ride while promoting a contest for viewers to enter. The regional personalities segments were shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK, matching the color and contrast levels of the 35mm film that was also integrated into the final series of commercials.


LOS ANGELES - The popular Arts & Entertainment series "Profiles" recently used the FILMLOOK process on episodes featuring Thomas Jefferson and Susan B. Anthony. Interview selects of historians and scholars of Jefferson and his Montecito home were recorded in Betacam video. The film simulation was supervised by Perpetual Motion Films' Monte Markham, who was impressed by the FILMLOOK image's warmth and texture.

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BURBANK - The outrageous serial comedy "Muscle" on the new Warner Bros. Television Network is the latest show by Witt Thomas Productions that has been processed in FILMLOOK.

The comedy centers on a New York City health club and the people vying to gain control after the untimely murder of its owner. It is produced by the same team that offered the legendary series "Soap" and the currently FILMLOOK processed NBC series "The John Larroquette Show".

"Muscle" can be seen Wednesday nights on local WBTV affiliates.


NEW YORK - In an unprecedented move, The ABC Afterschool Special "Through Thick and Thin" was shot "single-camera" style in video and processed using FILMLOOK.

"Through Thick and Thin" follows two sisters as they undergo a mystical body transformation and the problems that arise. Fran Sears of the production company Sears & Edmunds was delighted by the process and remarked, "this is the first time an ABC Afterschool Special has ever been shot in video, and we are happy with how it came out in FILMLOOK." The special will air mid-April on ABC.


NEW YORK - Following the success of "40 For The Ages," Sports Illustrated has called upon FILMLOOK once again to process segments of the "Class of '95 Sports Illustrated's Swimsuit Special" hosted by supermodel Vendela and featuring an exclusive music video by country superstar Travis Tritt. The processed music video and location wrap around segments featuring Vendela were shot in video. Also, a music piece featuring the swimsuit models and the song "Girl I'm Gonna Make You Sweat" was also processed in FILMLOOK and integrated into the special that aired February 14th on NBC.


HOLLYWOOD - "Who Makes You Laugh", a television special featuring such comic superstars as Brett Butler, Roseanne, Robin Williams and Dana Carvey was processed in FILMLOOK and will air in May on ABC.

The special features classic moments of comedy from film and television as recalled by the comedians. The interview segments were processed in FILMLOOK for Winsome Entertainment and integrated into the special.