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When editing a video production specifically for later FILMLOOK processing, there are a couple items that may need to be addressed before the final online is performed, and sometimes even before the show is even recorded. These items are field one, and field two.

Typically in a live show or any video originated program that is switched on the fly, there may be field one and field two cuts occurring that are recorded into the final master. When played back, these random field cuts are never noticed by either the director or the viewer at home. Why is this important for FILMLOOK? On some switchers (such as the Grass Valley 200 or the 3000) there is an adjustment in the equipment that can allow you to have the cuts occur with field one or field two dominance even when switching is done live. Our processor normally anticipates that the field dominance of a program remains the same from start to finish. When a field two cut occurs in a normally field one dominant program for example, the processor automatically switches to field two then must switch back to field one. It is not a tremendous problem, but having a program which is entirely field one or entirely field two dominant will make the FILMOOK session proceed more smoothly without having to check the cuts for processing errors.

An additional benefit for making the switcher cut on the same field is that it makes for easier recutting. An editor who may want to replace a particular shot in the finished program with another shot of the same duration can easily drop in the segment, cut to cut. "Flash fields" are reduced, and the editing session will be more efficient. This saves session time (translation: money) during online sessions as well as during the FILMLOOK session.

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BURBANK - The Wrightwood Group has completed a television special entitled "Disney's Pochahontas -- The Musical Tradition Continues" that features segments and interviews recorded in video and then processed in FILMLOOK. The special on ABC was presented to coincide with the summer release of the animated feature.

Also, Disneyland Advertising has utilized the FILMLOOK process for video selects integrated with 35mm footage in promos for "The Indiana Jones Adventure" ride and Toontown, as well as for in room videos for the Disneyland Hotel.


HOLLYWOOD - The popular NBC show "In The House" which stars Debbie Allen and rap star LL Cool J is processed by FILMLOOK for NBC Productions. "In The House" follows Allen who portrays a divorced legal secretary with two children who rents a house from former football star Marion (LL Cool J). The series is produced by QED productions who also produces "The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air". "In The House" will air Monday nights on NBC this fall.


ATLANTA - Turner Classic Movies has produced a special chronicling the glamour days of Hollywood, entitled "The Dream Factory". The special features interviews and insightful commentaries by such screen legends as Angela Landsbury, Audrey Meadows and Jane Russell, all of whom were recorded in video then processed in FILMLOOK. The special aired on TCM this summer.


HOLLYWOOD - "Belushi Birthday Blues Show" is a special celebrating the late comedian through music that was originally recorded in video at the House Of Blues by the Artists Rights Foundation.

The special was entirely processed in FILMLOOK and featured Dan Akroyd, John Goodman, Jim Belushi, as well as blues performances by Katie Seagal (Married With Children) and artist Clint Black.


TORONTO - The critically acclaimed documentary "Northern Justice", based on the Innuit people of Canada, was originally recorded on video then processed in FILMLOOK.

The special, that aired on CBC, is a detailed and revealing look at the cultural problems involved when modern society and Canadian justice conflicts with indigenous tribes and their old traditions of dealing with punishment.

The video documentary was recorded over many years and hundreds of miles of territory by Reunion Films.


NEW YORK - HBO Productions recently used FILMLOOK to process a documentary based upon the controversial life of heavyweight boxer, Sonny Liston. "Sonny Liston"--The Mysterious Life and Death of a Champion" tracks the turbulent career of Liston through photos, film clips and interviews with family and friends of the late boxer. The interview segments were recorded in video then processed in FILMLOOK. The HBO special airs throughout the summer.


After years of design, development and testing we have installed our new system. The new hardware will provide more range and flexibility in adjustment of gray scale modification. This will allow us to more easily accommodate scenes containing unusual or extreme lighting or contrast. Other features of the new system are automatic scene detection (will make editing type functions flow more smoothly), more frame rate selection, and flicker simulation. The new system was designed to accommodate future additional features such as computer interfacing.

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