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When shooting video for FILMLOOK processing, it is essential to use the best broadcast equipment available and shoot it with the same care, attention and lighting techniques you would normally use for film. But does using the latest and greatest state of the art equipment automatically exclude analog Betacam SP? Is it absolutely essential to shoot in a digital format? And what about DV and the newer DVCAM formats?

Digital Betacam does offer significant advantages to the user, especially for the camera operator. Sony's DVW 700 offers digital setup cards which speed camera adjustments to white balance, knee, as well as a host of other controls for configuring the camera in an instant. Audio is recorded digitally on four channels. The digital component capabilities assure better layering and compositing through multiple generations, and chances are you will get the shot "the first time" without the multiple takes needed to cover for possible dropouts or creases in analog tape.

This does not mean analog Betacam SP is a dead format, and that it no longer measures up to FILMLOOK processing. We would much prefer an analog Betacam tape recorded with skillful attention to lighting, exposure and camera adjustment to a digital Betacam that was recorded improperly. We frequently see absolutely stunning video recorded on regular SP equipment, and it processes beautifully through FILMLOOK. It all comes down to the skill of the camera operator and the experience of the director of photography. If your resources allow you to use digital Betacam, by all means use it in conjunction with FILMLOOK otherwise Betacam SP will work just fine and you will see incredible results.

Many of our clients have inquired about the new DV and DVCAM prosumer formats by Sony and Panasonic, and whether they are good substitutes for Betacam SP and digital Betacam camcorders. We've looked at and processed several projects that have used DV type cameras, and there is indeed a consensus that DV, when shot and lit very carefully, looks fairly good when processed through FILMLOOK. However, it is important to realize that the exposure range is much narrower on DV. In other words, these cameras are much less forgiving of slight overexposures than true broadcast formats, and detail, color and resolution are not quite as good as Betacam SP. It should be noted that you will not get a lens in a prosumer camcorder that will compare with what comes with a broadcast unit. Also, few post houses are set up for editing directly from DV tapes, so the camera originals must be dubbed across to a broadcast format like Betacam SP. DV is indeed far superior to Hi8 and SVHS in terms of video imaging, yet it is still not quite as good as shooting on a true broadcast format.

It is important to select the best equipment when shooting video for FILMLOOK, but just because a format is digital does not automatically guarantee optimum results. State of the art is not a substitute for a good eye, and it is still extremely important to shoot video for FILMLOOK with the same skill and attention to exposure and lighting you would normally use for film.





















































HOLLYWOOD--Columbia Tristar Television and Montrose Productions recently processed two pilots for network consideration for the fall, both were shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

"The Kellys" stars Shelley Long and Robert Hayes as two newlyweds dealing with his four kids and her career as a romance novelist. "Local Zeroes" stars Dave Coulier (from "Full House") as a good hearted but incompetent home contractor.

In other pilot news, Big Ticket television, a division of Spelling Entertainment, has produced "Veronica's Video," a FILMLOOK pilot featuring "L.A. Law" star Corbin Bernsen as an eccentric video store owner dealing with a failed relationship with his son and a failing business.


TORONTO-- Red Green is venturing into orbit.

Several episodes of the wacky Canadian sitcom "The New Red Green Show" were recently sent along with US astronaut Dr. Mike Foale to the Russian space station Mir, according to S & S Productions' Dave Smith. NASA medical operations branch officer Steve Van der Ark remarks, "Each astronaut is afforded the opportunity to select videos they want to watch in their off-hours. One of Dr. Foale's requests was "The New Red Green Show."

Red Green producer Smith reportedly sent a full season of 24 shows, two special compilation videos and a Red Green book based on the hit series. Whether the Russian cosmonauts will appreciate the show's self-mocking male humor remains to be seen. FILMLOOK has processed the entire Red Green series for the past six years.


Some recent video productions processed in FILMLOOK..."The Outdoor Type" by alternative rock artists The Lemonheads...Concorde Pictures action thriller "Exposé"... "That's Entertainment" filmmaking documentary by
S Entertainment...EMI Latin Records music video "Yo Vivo de mi Trabajo" by Los Mismos...MAD TV "Mary Tyler Moore Spoof"... "Longshots--History of the American Basketball Association" documentary for HBO... "My Secret World" San Diego Padres music video... "" comedy special for NBC.



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HOLLYWOOD--Arnold Shapiro Productions has completed "What's Right With America," an inspiring profile of individuals who have made positive contributions to American society. Part of the program was shot in film while the profiles segments were shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK. The segments in video were processed to achieve the same look as the filmed portions, and were later integrated back into the program. "What's Right With America" will air on CBS July 4 at 8 pm.


HOLLYWOOD--FILMLOOK was recently used for the ABC Sunday Night Movie "Port Charles," the two hour motion picture that launched the daytime drama series, a spinoff of General Hospital. The entire movie was shot in seven days in video and processed by FILMLOOK.

Incidentally, FILMLOOK wishes to extend congratulations to the producers of General Hospital for receiving an Emmy for best daytime drama series. We are proud of your accomplishments, and wish you success with your new series!


FILMLOOK congratulates Carsey-Werner Company's "Cosby" for returning to CBS for its second season, and also Montrose Productions' "The Nanny," returning for its sixth season this fall. We are pleased that these shows have selected our patented film simulation process, and we wish them success in the fall season.


SAN JOSE--American Interactive Pictures has recently completed postproduction on the feature "Alien Species," a full length science fiction thriller recorded on digital Betacam and processed in FILMLOOK.

The direct-to-video motion picture was recently featured in a special Sony Digital supplement to Film & Video magazine. Also, the feature was recently marketed at the Cannes Film Festival based on the success of the trailer processed by FILMLOOK, plus there is news of a possible sequel. "Alien Species" is currently being sold worldwide and will soon be available domestically in video stores


FILMLOOK extends congratulations to two of our clients that have received awards. EMC West received an award from the state of California for "Best Country Western Video 1996" for their music video "Beggars Can't Be Choosers." Also, The Association received a "Vision Award" for the video produced spot "La Paz Margarita Mix." We thank these producers for allowing us to process their videos and salute their award winning productions.