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Some of our FILMLOOK® clients have made us aware of other film simulation processes that exist at other post houses or as "plug-ins" that can be purchased for existing desktop video applications. How does FILMLOOK compare with these other sources of film simulation?

FILMLOOK is a true real-time process. There is absolutely no wait time for tedious frame-by-frame rendering, or worse, waiting overnight for processing of a videotape. Our clients can see immediate results with their processed video and, more importantly, can make changes instantly through our simulator (in fact, we do not charge for a viewing of a client's tape to see what a processed video looks like). We encourage client supervised sessions. Changes are easily and promptly made on a scene-by-scene basis (sometimes on a cut-for-cut basis) to optimize the overall look of the film simulation, to vary frame rate, gamma, to fix color temperature imbalances of different camera angles, or to adjust a particular shot that "just doesn't look quite right."

FILMLOOK is a patented, broadcast quality film simulation process that has won an award from the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for engineering achievement. Our presence and experience in broadcast television has made the name FILMLOOK synonymous with high quality film simulation. For almost a decade, FILMLOOK has worked with clients from every major television network, motion picture and broadcast production company, most of them referrals from other satisfied clients who have used our services. We work closely with video producers and directors of photography on a daily basis in making FILMLOOK better serve their present and future requirements.

Often our out of town clients are unable to supervise their FILMLOOK sessions, and we pride ourselves in our ability to maintain customer satisfaction and communication long before and long after the project is completed with a 100% guarantee of our work. Many of our clients have been with FILMLOOK since its beginnings, and their continued support over the years is proof of the high standards we maintain on a day to day, job per job basis. Although it is seldom necessary, we will gladly "re-do" a project absolutely free of charge to the customer's complete satisfaction.

Finally, there is the FILMLOOK processing itself. Perhaps you may not have even noticed our work at all. One of the highest complements we can receive is when our work becomes so "invisible" and seamless that no one realizes FILMLOOK was used to process either a single video stock shot, a sitcom, or even a full-length feature. The assumption of film entirely being used on a FILMLOOK project means our job was done correctly.


HOLLYWOOD--Warner Bros Television is producing "Kelly Kelly," a new WB network sitcom starring Shelley Long and Robert Hayes entirely shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK®.

Long is Kelly Novak, a university professor who literally falls for fire chief Doug Kelly (Hayes), a widower with three sons and one daughter. As the outsider, she must try to win the affection of Doug's children who at the same time are trying to sabotage her newfound relationship. "Kelly Kelly" airs Monday nights, starting April 20th on the WB network.


SAN FRANCISCO--Sandbox Entertainment and director Fred Davis have produced "Breaking Out - The Alcatraz Concert," a two hour concert special featuring rap artists Naughty By Nature, Run DMC, Usher, and Curtis Blow. The live concert was recorded entirely on video live in the Bay area and processed in FILMLOOK.

The live concert, copresented by Junior Achievement, also features interviews of entertainment industry members and athletic superstars encouraging teenagers to look at alternatives to gang violence and drugs. The special was distributed in February on pay-per-view and later on videocassette and broadcast.


FILMLOOK has completed processing episodes two and three of "Present Time," a continuing direct-to-video action adventure series. The adventure programs, produced by John Schmidt Productions, center on a teenager and a laptop computer that can unpredictably bring biblical characters to the present. Future episodes will be announced shortly. The "Present Time" series can currently be found in Christian book and video stores nationwide.


Congratulations to producer Debora Pratt whose short video "Girlfriends" recently aired on Cinemax, and may be developed into a feature length motion picture. FILMLOOK salutes your accomplishments and we are proud to have been a part of this outstanding production.


DALLAS-- "Tales Out of Luck II - The Series" is a special combining film and video elements that were shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

Produced by Willie Nelson and Luck Pictures, "Luck II" features cameos and performances from Merle Haggard and Randal "Tex" Cobb, a new music video by the legendary singer as well as a live performance concert shot in video then processed in FILMLOOK for home video release.


NEW YORK-- Palomar Pictures and TNT have teamed up to create "Dinner and a Monkey," a series of movie spoofs featuring chimpanzees shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

The short but hilarious parodies feature chimps recreating famous scenes from recent and classic movies such as "L.A. Confidential," "Mission: Impossible," "Scream" and "Planet of the Apes." The clips were shot in video then supervised by Palomar for final FILMLOOK processing. The parodies can be seen on movie nights on TNT.


LOS ANGELES-- Lifetime television is airing a daily entertainment and information program called "New Attitudes," a video originated program processed entirely in FILMLOOK.

Featured co-hosts Leanza Cornette and Michelle Wang introduce segments ranging from fashion to finance in a magazine-style format specifically geared toward women. All segments and wraparounds are produced in video and sent daily to FILMLOOK for final film simulation and color correction. "New Attitudes" currently airs weeknights at 11 pm on Lifetime.


NEW YORK--HBO Sports has aired a special celebrating the history of women's ice skating entitled "Reflections on Ice," a documentary combining film and video elements that were processed by FILMLOOK.

The special is a comprehensive retrospective of women's skating, and includes recent interviews of skating legends Peggy Fleming and Dorothy Hamill that were shot in video and FILMLOOK processed to integrate with the archival film elements. "Reflections on Ice" aired January 27 on HBO.


NEW YORK-- "My Sergi," a CBS docudrama based on two-time Olympic gold medal pairs skater Ekaterina Gordeeva and her late husband skating partner Sergi Grinkov, featured film elements plus interviews and Olympic skating footage originally shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

The poignant story of the two skaters traces their relationship through filmed re-creations and sports footage and interviews recorded in video then processed by FILMLOOK for integration into the two hour special. "My Sergi" aired on CBS February 4, the week of opening ceremonies of the 1998 Winter Olympics.


HOLLYWOOD--Michael Hoff Productions has aired four one-hour prison-themed specials for the Discovery Channel, all of which were shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

The specials, which focus on infamous prisons and their inmates, combine archival film, photos as well as interviews and re-creations which were recorded in video and processed in FILMLOOK for integration with the film elements. Michael Hoff Productions has used FILMLOOK for processing three other specials for Discovery, including "Deadly Duels" and "The Guillotine." "Breakout--Fortress Escapes," "Breakout--POW Escapes," "Breakout--Island Escapes" and "Public Enemies" aired in February on the Discovery Channel.


HOLLYWOOD-- Michael Weise Productions has completed "Coyote's Honor," a short feature that was shot entirely with Sony's VX-1000 DV video equipment and processed in FILMLOOK.

Produced by Michael "Hardware Wars" Weise, the story centers on a drifter whose arrival in a small Texas town disrupts the lives of its residents. "Coyote's Honor" is one of the first DV features to be processed in FILMLOOK and we will keep you updated on a future release date for this feature.


Some producers and projects that have recently used FILMLOOK...The Pretender, "Indy Show" race car footage...Orange County News Channel, "Tijeras Creek Golf Club" spot...Touchstone Television, "Ellen" Concert footage...Radius Communications, "Cowan's Oldsmobile" local spots...Quantum Television, "Timeworks" exercise machine infomercial...Golf Training Systems, "The Coach" spots...Jones Group, "Hilton Hotel" selects...IMS Productions, CMA "Garbage In, Garbage Out" :30 spot.

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