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At this year's NAB convention, the hot topics of discussion were once again, digital television, high definition television, and DVD, which appears to be poised to someday replace VHS as the movie rental and purchase format of choice. Digital is undoubtedly the buzzword of the decade as networks, cable companies and studios scramble to purchase new equipment and upgrade to digital. It has become more important than ever for producers to shoot and post in digital video. Why then is FILMLOOK a good choice for producers who want to finish their digital video project?

Digital video, as good as it is, can be extremely unforgiving when it comes to presenting a dramatic feature. Despite the fact that a DP can light a scene in a dramatic manner and filter the lens as he or she would in film, a video project still looks like video since it does not have the motion characteristics or warmth of a motion picture shot in film. Viewers will no doubt take a closer look at today's programs (especially if they have spent money on digital televisions, satellite dishes and DVD) and a program that originated in digital video will have much more difficulty in making the same dramatic impact on a viewer as a program originating in film.

In addition, because of the nature of a video originated program presenting 60 different interlacing pictures per second, milder compression (and more disc space) is needed than on a film transfer or FILMLOOK originated program. At 24 fps per second, film (and FILMLOOK) transfers haved redundant fields due to 3:2 pulldown, and this saves on authoring and compression time. For a digital video production, FILMLOOK simulates the motion dynamics, warmth and texture of film, but within the domain of video. FILMLOOK has processed several video projects that have made their way directly to cable, VHS, DVD and DVD-ROM. During DVD authoring and compression, it is vital that the video be as pristine and noise free as possible in order to minimize compression artifacts and save disc space. The FILMLOOK processor has digital RGB color correction, built-in noise reduction as well as continuously variable grain adjustment to keep compression artifacts to a minimum and assure the producer of the cleanest transfer possible. It may be also important to note that a FILMLOOK transfer does not have dirt, scratches or gate weave--undesirable effects of film that must be eliminated for DVD authoring.

What about digital television? FILMLOOK transfers as cleanly as any film or tape originated program to digital television, and is now or will be compatible with any method or standard of transmission. Once a high-definition standard has been finalized for postproduction and transmission by the broadcast industry, FILMLOOK will be upgraded for complete compatibility.


TORONTO--TV Eye Entertainment's feature length hockey documentary "Forever Rivals" garnered two Gemini nominations and won for best sports programming. TV Eye integrated original betacam video processed in FILMLOOK with 16mm archival film. "The results were spectacular," said producers Bob MacAskill and Ian Davey. "FILMLOOK was essential given the prohibitive costs we would have incurred traveling and shooting with film crews in NHL arenas."


AUSTIN--Origin Systems, producers of the legendary Wing Commander series of CD-ROM games, has completed postproduction and authoring of "Wing Commander- -Prophecy" for the DVD-ROM platform, with live action sequences shot in digital betacam and processed in FILMLOOK.

This is the first time that FILMLOOK has been incorporated into the DVD-ROM format. The game includes feature film-style live action sequences, shot on digital betacam and given FILMLOOK processing and final color correction before DVD authoring and compression. The "Wing Commander--Prophecy" DVD-ROM is available at computer software retailers nationwide.


Some production companies and projects using FILMLOOK... "Ellen," Glen Close interview footage... Go Flight Inc., "From the Earth to the Moon" news interview footage, episode #6... "Tonight Show," Chicago Opening Titles... WOSU-TV, "Bromfield" documentary...NBC Productions, "Jon Voight Interview"... Fisher Merlis Television, "Better Homes and Gardens" Pilot... Vision Quest, "NAPA 500" race footage... Vin di Bona Productions, "Whinefeld" parody... Moll/Beador Productions, "Postcards from America" segments for "50th Anniversary of Israel" TV Special...Discovery Channel, "Animal Planet" promos... Electronic Media Communications, "Harrah's Casino" direct mailer video...HBO Productions, "3 Cats from Miami" and "City Dump - The Story of the 1951 CCNY Basketball Scandal"...New Screen Concepts, "Body Human 2000--Sex, Love & Birth".


NEW YORK--ABC Daytime this past June aired two of their most popular series-- "General Hospital" and "One Life to Live"--during primetime, each processed through FILMLOOK. ABC has used FILMLOOK to process two previous nightime specials, "General Hospital--Twist of Fate," and "Port Charles--Primetime Special," which also launched the hit series. "General Hospital" aired June 15th and "One Life to Live" aired June 25th on ABC.


WASHINGTON D.C.--Congratulations to Capt. Francisco G. Hamm and everyone at Bolling Air Force Base for their video "11th Wing--A World Class Legacy," which received a 1998 Silver Telly award. We are proud of your achievement and the recognition of your excellence in communications.


HOLLYWOOD--Timeline films and Turner Classic Movies has produced "Louise Brooks--Looking for Lulu," a documentary incorporating archive film and interview segments recorded in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

The engaging story of the little known but influential Brooks is told by veterans of the film industry as well as family and friends of the legendary actress. The documentary is narrated by Shirley Maclaine and executive produced by Hugh Hefner. "Louise Brooks" aired in May on TCM, and a second Timeline documentary covering the legendary DeMille family will air August 11th at 7 p.m. on AMC.


Be sure to look for a double "Mommy" special at your local video store. The thriller "Mommy" along with its sequel "Mommy's Day" will be sold together in a special limited edition box set, according to producer-director Max Alan Collins. Both movies were previously available only as rentals and this is the first time these FILMLOOK features have become available for purchase. Along with the features in the box set is a special interview with star Patty McCormack. The "Mommy" double feature set was released before mother's day and is available for purchase at video stores nationwide.


Congratulations go to Bob Cheesbrough and Bay Cable Advertising for receiving three bronze Addys from the Bay Chapter of the American Advertising Federation; to WBTV for receiving a regional Citation of Excellence from the third district American Advertising Awards in the category of industry self promotions; and also to Steve Zambo and WELS Lutherans for Life media division for receiving their 1998 Telly Awards for "Life: You Make the Difference" television spots. We at FILMLOOK salute your continued success and recognition of excellence.


Congratulations to Talknfrog Pictures and the Olsen twins for their first video processed with FILMLOOK, "You're Invited to Mary-Kate & Ashley's Ballet Party," which has become the nation's fourth best selling children's video, according to Billboard Magazine.

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