Winter '98




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Season's greetings and best wishes for 1999 from the FILMLOOK gang


BURBANK--FILMLOOK Inc. President Robert Faber announced that the development of a film image simulation camera has been under way for several months. "The camera will simulate film-to-tape origination more accurately than any existing post-production technique", stated Mr. Faber. "It will capture non-interlaced images and then convert them to interlaced 525/60 or 625/50 (or both simultaneously) simulating typical film gray scale and color, film shutter (approximately 1/50th second) and film image dynamics (2:3 stepping in 60 field video). The prototype will be displayed in early 1999. A High Definition version will follow. No decision has been made yet on possible licensing or manufacturing. The invention of this camera is the subject of issued patents in the United States and Japan. Patent is pending in Europe."



HOLLYWOOD--Cosgrove Muerer Productions' "Unsolved Mysteries" has now resolved the mystery of spiraling production costs by using video and FILMLOOK.

The legendary series, which until recently was exclusively shot in film, will now use betacam footage and FILMLOOK for its re-creations of mysterious and unresolved events, as well as for its host wrap arounds featuring Robert Stack and new host Virginia Madsten. The segments as well as the host wraps have been shot in video using film style lighting and filtration, then sent over to FILMLOOK for final processing and color correction.


HOLLYWOOD-- Recording star Paula Abdul and Ministry of Film have recorded "Paula Abdul--Cardio Dance," a fitness video that has been processed in FILMLOOK.

The hour-long program features Abdul's choreography-enhanced fitness workout that was entirely shot in multicamera video, then brought to FILMLOOK for processing and color correction. "Paula Abdul--Cardio Dance" is available at video outlets nationwide.


LOS ANGELES--NBC's Friday Night is using FILMLOOK to process several projects shot originally in video, featuring video host Rita Sever.

FILMLOOK has processed and matched the look for parodies of videos by Jewel, Fiona Apple, Backstreet Boys and Spice Girls, as well as audience participation sitcom segments and behind the scenes hijinks. The segments are shot in video, edited and then processed by FILMLOOK before airing on the music video program.


Some recent projects and clients using FILMLOOK...Jenny Craig "Santa Speaks" spots, T minus 30 productions... "Roseanne" web site promos, King World Productions... "The Temptations" Smokey Robinson intro, interviews, NBC Productions... ... Disney Sunday Movie "A Saintly Switch" (New Orleans Saints footage) Walt Disney Television...

On the 12th day of Christmas, a greeting from the Company--

12 months Sony service

11 p.o.'s faxing

10 clients lunching

9 years of FILMLOOK

8 hours of Hi8 (What, no DV at least??)

7 demos mailing

6 hours of O.T.

5 unsigned checks

4 returned calls

3 french clients

2 beta dubs and a big thank- you on a bended knee.

Thanks to all our clients for a great '98, and have a safe, prosperous new year.





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