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Fall '01




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Until recently, most primetime programming and movies-of-the-week (M.O.W.) originated on one acquisition format or another for the entire body of the production, whether it be film or video. Posting such shows was not difficult, and getting a consistent look was not difficult since it was either all video or all film. Today however; reality-based shows, documentaries and many other series are experimenting with different film and video formats. As a result, producers and post supervisors are being inundated by almost every imaginable video format. Each of those formats could contain film elements or video elements, or CGI , or a combination of all three, perhaps even composited together. Once these elements are finally edited into the program, how then does a producer keep everything looking consistent? And what if the opposite were desired -- how can a producer give each element a distinctive, different look?

If integration of video elements into a mostly film production is necessary, the producer may want the video elements to blend seamlessly with the telecined film elements. This is how FILMLOOK can help, by processing video stock shots and even entire scenes shot on video for seamless integration into a sitcom, M.O.W. or documentary. FILMLOOK can process a video shot to successfully match the grain, texture and color of the surrounding telecined film elements.

What about an all film production or an all video production that has varying levels of color, contrast or color cast from one element to another? FILMLOOK's daVinci 2K system can assist the producer in color timing, sharpening or softening shots on a scene by scene basis. This is especially helpful in maintaining a consistent look between stock shots or reels of film transferred to videotape at different times at different labs.

When a really customized look is in order, FILMLOOK's 2K is the tool for creating a unique look and texture for individual scenes. Using the custom curves, the defocus board as well as the dozens of other special color effects possible with the 2K system, a producer can reproduce anything from a "bleach bypass" look to a soft "pro-mist" look or anything else in between. With the tools of FILMLOOK and daVinci 2K, a completely new look can be created specifically for a particular show -- needless to say, that depends on the producer's imagination.



LOS ANGELES-Artisan Entertainment has chosen FILMLOOK for processing the home video version of "Startup.com," a video-shot documentary.

"Startup.com" was originally transferred to film for theatrical release, but Artisan turned to FILMLOOK for preparing the feature for video and DVD release. This is the first time that Artisan Entertainment has chosen FILMLOOK for processing a video-shot feature in preparation of home video, cable and broadcast markets.


Congratuations to producers of the FILMLOOKed nightly serial comedy "MTV's Undressed," which was nominated for a Teen Choice Award for Choice Late Night Series. Also congratulations to the producers of the FILMLOOK series "Making the Band" and the group O Town for their Teen Choice Award nominations for Choice Reality Show and Choice Pop Band. We look forward to continued success for the producers of these shows and with their future productions.


BURBANK-The legendary group Electric Light Orchestra is producing a PBS special, and a new DVD entitled "Zoom," featuring a recent concert shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

Supervised by band creator and producer Jeff Lynne, the FILMLOOK transfer of the concert will complement the new release of ELO's CD "Zoom," the first new album by the band in 15 years. Check local listings for the PBS broadcast of "Zoom."


Congratulations go to MPH films for their Emmy nominated historical series "Founding Fathers, produced by MPH Entertainment for The History Channel. The ambitious four-hour documentary was shot entirely in video and processed in FILMLOOK. "Founding Fathers," which was nominated for best documentary, aired in Fall 2000. We at FILMLOOK congratulate the producers of this excellent documentary series and salute their recognition for an Emmy nomination.


BASALT, CO-fleisherfilm inc. has finished post production on the documentary "The Power of Play" for The Discovery Channel and Devillier Donegan Enterprises.

Produced, written and directed by Carol Fleisher, "The Power of Play" explores the enormous importance of play in the survival of animals and humans. The special, narrated by John Ritter, features some film elements , video elements and video interviews color corrected and processed in FILMLOOK. This is the latest documentary processed in FILMLOOK for fleisherfilm, which has won an Emmy for the FILMLOOK processed Discovery Channel documentary "Why Dogs Laugh and Chimpanzees Cry."


Congratulations to director Linda Otto and producer Shari Cookson for their three time Emmy nominated documentary "Living Dolls: The Making of a Child Beauty Queen." The FILMLOOKed documentary, which is airing on HBO, used Betacam SP, DV and Hi8 footage to tell the fascinating yet haunting story of young Swan Brooner, an aspiring beauty queen. We salute this critically acclaimed documentary and wish continued success to its creators.


HOLLYWOOD-Xenon Pictures' controversial and critically acclaimed documentary "Welcome to Death Row" is scheduled for a September release on video and DVD after processing in FILMLOOK.

The documentary, shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK, is a disturbing, gritty and ultimately compelling documentary chronicling the rise to power of Death Row Records, one of the most profitable and influential record companies in the business. This past spring "Welcome to Death Row" was presented with FILMLOOK at various film venues using high-end LCD and DLP digital cinema projectors. The DVD version features a 16x9 transfer and never before seen extra footage and interviews.


HOLLYWOOD-Heavy metal veteran and former Judas Priest lead singer Rob Halford has produced a new music video "Made in Hell," shot in video in various formats and processed in FILMLOOK.

The video was recorded at various stages during the 'Resurrection World Tour', which saw the band take in 94 shows over a 7-month period in 20 countries around the globe. "Made in Hell" premiered in August on MTV.


NEW YORK-Moxie Firecracker Films, one of the most prolific and celebrated independent documentary production companies, has chosen to FILMLOOK their latest HBO documentary "The Execution of Wanda Jean". The film, which was shot in a cinema verité style, is a controversial look at the final days prior to the execution of wanda Jean Allen, the first black woman to be executed in the United States since 1954.

Liz Garbus, producer/director of the Academy-award nominated film "The Farm: Angola, USA", used DVCAM to record interviews and scenes for this documentary that was then FILMLOOKed under the supervision of Susan Quinn from HBO, Los Angeles. This is the first video project from Moxie Firecracker Films to be FILMLOOKed. "The Execution of Wanda Jean" will air on HBO in Spring of 2002.