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FILMLOOK welcomes back the hit comedy series "Taina" for its second season on Nickelodeon. We also welcome Nickelodeon series "All That" now using FILMLOOK and the da vinci 2K color corrector on selected segments this season.


NEW YORK-Moxie Firecracker Films, one of the most prolific and celebrated independent documentary production companies, has chosen to FILMLOOK their latest HBO documentary "The Execution of Wanda Jean". The film, which was shot in a cinema verité style, is a controversial look at the final days prior to the execution of Wanda Jean Allen, the first black woman to be executed in the United States since 1954.

Liz Garbus, producer/director of the Academy-Award nominated film "The Farm: Angola, USA", used DVCAM to record interviews and scenes for this documentary that was then FILMLOOKed under the supervision of Susan Quinn from HBO, Los Angeles. This is the first video project from Moxie Firecracker Films to be FILMLOOKed. "The Execution of Wanda Jean" will air on HBO in Spring of 200. Also, congraulations on their acceptance to the Sundance Film Festival.


NEW YORK-Black Canyon Productions and CBS Sports has produced the special "Bear: The Legend of Paul Bryant," a documentary on the legendary college football coach. The special is a comprehensive look at the extensive life and career of "The Bear." Interviews of players, friends and rival coaches were shot in video and processed in FILMLOOK with additional color correction provided for archival video and film footage. "The Bear" will air this winter on CBS; check local listings.


TULSA, OK-Winner Communications is producing "Under Wild Africa Skies," a sports adventure series shot entirely in video and processed by FILMLOOK for air on ESPN.

The documentary-style series was shot in Digital Betacam and features profiles on huntsmen, local African tribesmen and the majestic wildlife of the dark continent. Winner Communications is also assisting in the production of ongoing FILMLOOKed ESPN series "SportsCentury" and "College SportsCentury." "Under Wild Africa Skies" will start airing in January 2002 on ESPN; check local listings.


ARLINGTON VA-New Dominion Pictures is producing a second season of their action documentary series "Untold Stories of the Navy Seals," which is shot in video and processed entirely in FILMLOOK for The Learning Channel.

The series dramatizes recently declassified missions ranging from capturing war criminals in Bosnia to rescuing military personnel in Vietnam. A recent episode required the use of FILMLOOK and da vinci to achieve a convincing day-for-night effect for daytime stock footage. An additional series by New Dominion entitled "Special Forces" is in production and is scheduled for FILMLOOK processing for air on TLC soon.


HOLLYWOOD-HITPROS and legendary music man Ray Ruff have produced the music video "My Future Ex-Boyfriend,"for singer Holly Wynnette. Shot entirely in DV, "Future Ex" was processed by FILMLOOK for broadcast.

The all-star band behind the dynamic young singer includes Rock & Roll hall of famer James Burton on lead guitar (Elvis Presley), Don Randi on piano (Frank Sinatra), Chet McCracken on drums (Doobie Bros.), Chris Pinnick on acoustic guitar (Chicago) and Will MacGregor on bass (Tori Amos).

The music video complements the release of Wynnette's debut album in January and an upcoming stage show.


ANAHEIM-Disneyland Advertising recently used FILMLOOK and daVinci color correction to enhance "Disney Vacation Planning Video," their direct marketing video that incorporates existing telecined footage and video segments featuring a Disney host that were processed in FILMLOOK. DaVinci color correction was used to enhance and correct segments that were telecined or FILMLOOKed previously. The video will be sent to customers requesting additional information on vacationing at the Anaheim based resort.


HOLLYWOOD-The producers of the upcoming TV drama "Crossed Over" chose FILMLOOK to process segments that were shot with DV-cameras so as to integrate with the 35mm filmed portions of the piece.

Shot in stark black and white DV video, the FILMLOOKed segments were processed separately and then were later incorporated with 35mm telecined-originated material. Extra grain and contrast during processing gave the video originated material a very gritty and distressed look to contrast with the filmed portions of the drama. "Crossed Over" starring Dianne Keaton, can be seen later on CBS.



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