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FILMLOOK Inc.'s president Robert Faber announced that a license agreement has been signed between FILMLOOK Inc. and PRZYBORSKI Productions of Pittsburgh, PA.

Licensing of the combined camera technology patents of both companies is being offered to the major broadcast technology manufacturers. These patents are directed toward the emulation of motion picture film within a digital camera. The invention(s) is a 24 frame progressive scan camera. The 24 progressively scanned frames per second image is processed and converted to an interlaced (or segmented frame) output ( 60 field with a 2:3 "pull-down" sequence or 50 field or simultaneously both rates). The technology is equally applicable to standard definition, 720 or 1080 lines. The two companies presently hold patent rights on this technology in the United States, Japan and Europe.

Robert Faber announced, "With a growing trend toward film image simulation in broadcast TV, and digital projection in theaters along with plans for some features to be shot in High Definition, we are highly confident that this patented technology will be a major part, if not a requirement of the entertainment industry in the future."

Faber continued, "When this camera technology is implemented, it will have a far reaching impact in motion picture production from the consumer/prosumer level, broadcast/cable, and to feature theatrical releases."


NEW YORK--Jim Henson Television has once again used FILMLOOK to process a special holiday episode of the popular children's series "Bear in the Big Blue House," entitled "Beary Bear Christmas."

FILMLOOK has processed other programming for Jim Henson Television, including the ABC series "Aliens in the Family" and Fox's "Brats of the Lost Nebula." "Beary Bear Christmas" aired on the Disney Channel in December.


SAN JOSE--Renowned artist Thomas Kinkade's latest works are featured in two promotional videos for Media Arts Group entitled "Picadilly Circus," and "Sunrise - A Prayer of Hope for the Millennium of Light" that were recorded on video then processed in FILMLOOK.

The videos feature exclusive Kinkade interviews and footage of the artist at work. Color and detail of the paintings were of utmost importance during the supervised FILMLOOK sessions.


NEW YORK-- "The Ghosts of Christmas Eve" is a FILMLOOKed holiday special produced by Moving Pictures for Fox Family Channel that was shot with a combination of film, multiple and single camera video.

The special is a holiday parable and concert featuring The Trans Siberian Orchestra, Jewel and Michael Crawford. The concert was shot multi-camera video and the dramatic interstitial pieces were single camera video.

Only a three minute portion of the one hour special was shot in film, and FILMLOOK was called upon to give the rest of the one hour program the same look and feel of the filmed segment. "Ghosts" aired in December on Fox Family Channel.


LOS ANGELES--Legendary artists Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young have reunited for a new album and a new music video "Looking Forward," that was recorded entirely on digital betacam video and processed in FILMLOOK.

The music video was a coast to coast venture, combining digital betacam footage recorded in New York City and San Francisco then processed by FILMLOOK for Upstream Video and Film. In addition to the music video, television spots promoting the new album were also processed by FILMLOOK. The "Looking Forward" music video can be seen on VH1.


QUEBEC--Quadra Productions has completed the production "Quadra," a four part French-Canadian miniseries recorded entirely in video and processed in FILMLOOK.

"Quadra" is a story of a paraplegic and the man who shot and paralyzed him. The miniseries was shot single-camera style on location in Quebec, and was lensed by Serge Desrosier, director of photography for the French-language series DIVA, now on its third FILMLOOKed season. "Quadra" will be seen this spring on Quebec television.


Some projects and production companies that have used FILMLOOK... NHRA promotional race footage, Cloud 9 Productions... "Fight Club" and "Martial Law" parodies, MADtv... "18 Wheels of Justice" race and flashback footage, Stu Segall Productions... Goodyear Tire footage, AT&T Media... "Amanda Show" segments and commercial parodies, Nickelodeon.










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